Friday, 30 August 2019

Saving time recording your travel consultation!

Back in the summer of 2018 I had an EMIS template built which followed the lines of my travel risk management form found at item no. 2 here.  I put it out there for some of you to trial and it generally received great feedback.  The travel consultation is complex, but sometimes writing up the information to provide evidence of all you covered and advised takes huge effort and significant time.  However in my opinion this is essential not only as best practice, but to also protect the practitioner.

The template is divided into three sections - the tabs are at the top on the left hand side as you look at the screen.  As many answers as possible have been populated into the template so that you need to write very little, but of course the beauty of EMIS is that you can simply add in extra detail if you need to.  The original template had drop down menus.

However we have a wonderful new nurse at the surgery (David Piercy) who is an absolute wizard at EMIS templates.  David has altered the format so that instead of all the information being in a drop down menu template, it's now in a list so you can read it easily and check the box of the answer that suits the best.  It possibly makes the information on the template much longer but on the other hand acts as a great prompt within your consultation.

Added to this wizardry, David has now made it SNOMED ready.  I'm told that all EMIS users will be switched to SNOMED coding so the template has had the adjustments made in readiness.  Now this last sentence is all non-sensical to me but I thought I would add it because if you've used the template in the past and it's working you may still need this new version as the other one may not!

Anyway I hope this helps.  I've put the file into a 'space' you can download it from but it will only work when you import it into your EMIS software.  I have no knowledge about  this aspect (so please don't ask me questions about it), but hopefully someone in your surgery will be able to help.  Or you could Google 'How to import a clinical template into EMIS' because leaflets will certainly come up


and then RIGHT click on the screen and do a 'save as' 

...... all I have left to say is 

And a plea from me - I'd really appreciate you completing a short survey after using the template for evidence that the work, effort and funding put in was all worthwhile (and it would then make a really different reflective account for my revalidation!)  
The survey is HERE.

p.s. I'm not sure such templates can be built in SystmOne but if anyone out there has the skills I'm very happy to work with you from the content perspective.  Please contact me via my website.