Tuesday, 9 July 2019

For the FOURTH time - Indemnity cover for the private travel vaccines - but GOOD NEWS!

Having written three time now about this in March and then May and June  (the latter two blogs I have left up for now so click on the links) this time I'm writing with good news!

This is the detail from the RCN

"In April, a new state-backed indemnity scheme for general practice (GP) staff was introduced in England. The Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP) is operated by NHS Resolution. It automatically provides cover to nursing staff working in NHS GP services. It includes self-employed workers and covers all clinical negligence claims that arise from an act (or omission to act) on the part of someone providing a GP service that is NHS-funded in England. In Wales, a similar scheme, General Medical Practice Indemnity (GMPI), was introduced at the same time. Both schemes include travel vaccinations given in GP surgeries except for where vaccinations are paid for by the patient.

The RCN is now extending its indemnity scheme to cover this gap. This means both employed and self-employed RCN members who are providing any paid-for travel vaccinations from GP practices not included in CNSGP in England and GMPI in Wales will be covered by the RCN indemnity scheme".

There is a news item on the RCN website and details about the RCN indemnity scheme are here

I've been a member of the RCN since I qualified and am delighted about this news - the provision will be very helpful for General Practice Nurses giving the private travel vaccines going forward.