Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A trip to India

I went to Tamil Nadu earlier this month to the Seventh International Short Course in Clinical Tropical Medicine.  This comprises a group of 30 doctors learning by means of lectures in the morning followed by laboratory diagnostics work, then clinical ward rounds during the afternoon in the Christian Medical College in Vellore. The work of this wonderful hospital is famous throughout the world, patients travel from all parts of India to be treated there and it was very special to be present for a second visit.  My husband Peter teaches on the course and this year I also gave a lecture.  Some facts from the 2012 annual report of CMC reveal the main hospital and its outlying units had in total 2736 beds, employed 1187 doctors and 2491 nurses last year and saw 6378 outpatients every day!

Click here for the report with further fascinating facts.  Details of the course can be found by clicking here

Oh, and while on a wander in the hospital grounds we pictured some monkeys preening themselves on the ledges of a building in temperatures of 34 C plus!