Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ebola awareness resources

Public Health England are gathering a significant number of resources for Ebola virus disease: clinical management guidance. These guidance publications for professionals are available here.  A number of posters may be of use in your workplace including the one below which was published online yesterday. For direct access click on the image below

and here's another one click on image again for access 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Traveller advice resources

I'm finding it harder and harder to impart all the advice needed to a traveller within the time limit of a consultation.  Sometimes its necessary to provide information for them to take away and review after the travel risk assessment and management decisions have collectively been made.  So although my website is intended for healthcare professionals, I've created a page on there for the traveller to use to access links to some helpful resources after the appointment.  Ive created it intentionally to be easy and quick to use, not overcrowded and I hope bright and colourful!  The 'Platform' image at the top of the page just tickled me as it signifies a journey to be made, albeit on this occasion part of the journey to Hogwarts.  This sign can be seen at King's Cross Station in London and it has a trolley embedded half way into the wall for a photo opportunity for many a 'Harry Potter' fan. See here!
I hope the page will help you with your travellers as you see them in a consultation or to refer to it after your discussion.  More items will be added as I have time to create them!  Click here on on the image below to see the page.