Saturday, 30 June 2018

Patient Group Directions for travel vaccines

I for one was very relieved when NHS England started writing templates for PGDs for a selection of the NHS vaccines we use for travel because prior to this locally we had none and were having to use PSDs even to give hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines.  It was quite a nightmare to manage and had been ongoing for some time.

HOWEVER, it is important to note that these template documents require further authorisation, in Section 2 of the PGD document before they can be used. This is a legal requirments and the full details are provided in the second paragraph on the GOV.UK website here but also within the PGDs themselves and the additional signatory boxes are found usually on page 4 of the documents.  Therefore, you cannot download and use the PGDs on the site given above.  Instead you must use the site for your area and sometimes someone within your CCG may send the PGDs to you.  Always check you have the additional authorisation as well, then read the PGD in full before you sign it.  Once done you can administer the vaccines legally after you've done a thorough travel risk assessment.

NHS England have five regional teams as follows

Searching for PGDs on each site above will lead to some - this is what I've found so far!

The London Regional team have a set of the currently available travel vaccines PGDs in one place, as have the South West regional team.

However the other teams seem to have a variety for certain areas only and I've found it confusing.  I need to do some more work on this so keep coming back to review this blog!

If you have been notified of your PGDs by your CCG, just double check that they have the local signature (or signatures) on page 4 as well.  I understand only one signature can be sufficient whereas some areas supply more than one signature.  Some areas also seem to have less travel PGDs available than others but I'll get back with more detail in due course.

I wonder what is happening regarding travel vaccine PGDs in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  If you can enlighten me, then please make contact and I can add it to the blog.  See here.