Sunday 4 February 2018

Mosquito bite prevention advice

I feel mosquito bite prevention advice is crucial to the care we give to travellers.  Bite prevention is essential in the prevention of diseases such malaria, dengue, chikungunya, Zika and although there are vaccines for travellers against yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis etc. prevention of transmission is still important.  However I also recognise that in many of your time constrained consultations, there isn't always time to talk about everything.

So I have created a booklet which you could possibly print off or have displayed on your computer to show to your traveller and maybe select certain pages when you discuss some of the advice.  It has been created in a very visual format.  The image below shows just some of the pages and there is also quite a bit of text so the pages are self explanatory.  Click on the image below to access this educational aid directly or it can also be found in TOOLS, item no. 23 here.

I have also put it on the Traveller Resources page which you could show them so that they could review for further information after the appointment.  A quick way of finding it is to also look for the image 'platform 9¾' at the bottom of the home page.