Thursday, 31 December 2015

As 2015 draws to a close.....

I haven't written on the Blog much this Autumn, its been a frantic time and I apologise for that.   However, I do write on my Travel Health Training Ltd. Facebook page here quite often.  I'm aware not all of you belong to FB though and don't want to use this social media so in 2016 I will endeavor to put the posting from there onto the Blog as well!

In the meantime, wishing you good health, happiness and good fortune in 2016! 

A travel health update as a letter to Santa!

For quicker snippets to keep you updated, I write a monthly feature in Practice Nurse journal and many of you know I'm kindly allowed to put it on my website - see here although it's also viewable in the journal and their website here.  

The article for December 2015 was composed within a letter to Santa! This time the item of greatest concern to me was the fact that more and more CCGs seem to be stopping providing PGDs for the NHS vaccines (that's hepatitis A, typhoid, polio and cholera and any combination vaccines that has one of these disease protections within it). Of even greater concern is that not all nurses administering the vaccines in a GP setting are aware they have no current PGD and they need to set up PSDs or prescriptions for the vaccines before administering them until the problem is resolved.  I have been in touch with NHS England to try and understand what is happening and believe the situation is being addressed and will write more when there is further news.

In the meantime, as the article suggests, please check your PGDs in the surgery to ensure they are in date and if not take action!  To see the article directly click on the image below