Saturday, 29 March 2014

Raffles Landing in Singapore!

I'm in Singapore speaking at an International School Nurse Conference and have been meeting some wonderful and interesting nurses from all over S.E. Asia - see here.  There's been a little time for sightseeing and yesterday Peter and I came across an elephant in the grounds of the Raffles Hotel.  The elephant was part of the Elephant Parade, a charity for the conservation of Asian elephants see here.  This particular elephant is called 'Raffles Landing' designed by Diana Francis and was part of the Elephant Parade in Singapore in 2012.  In London we had an Elephant Parade in 2010 which I've blogged about before and enjoyed seeing so many of them!  However a UK National tour is also happening in 2014 so for more details see here

Here's a picture of Raffles Landing! 

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