Monday, 28 July 2014

World Hepatitis Day

Today is World Hepatitis Day and you'll find a wealth of information and fantastic resources on the WHO website here and on the World Hepatitis Alliance website too here. Did you know for example, that viral hepatitis affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide, causing acute and chronic liver disease and killing close to 1.4 million people every year.   The date of 28 July was chosen for World Hepatitis Day in honour of the birthday of Nobel Laureate Professor Baruch Samuel Blumberg, discoverer of the hepatitis B virus.

  • This link here will take you to the official World Hepatitis Day making the very best use of resources and social networking opportunities.  
  • Updated hepatitis A, B, C and E factsheets can be found here 
  • A poster campaign (image above) in which you can customise the poster is availale here 
  • A video for World Hepatitis Day click here 
  • I love the infographics posters as they convey such strong messages in a simple format - see here.  
CLICK around the resources links above and you'll find much much more!

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