Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Update for Immunisation Topics

Public Health England have just revised their excellent flow chart 'Vaccination of individuals with uncertain or incomplete immunisation status' which is an essential tool for anyone involved in immunisation.  Note the 'General principles' on the bottom left of the chart and links to the 'Green Book' and also 'other country schedules' just under the title on the form.  To access click on the image below and also available on my immunisation resources page here (item no. 5)

Public Health England have also published a document entitled 'Revised recommendation for the administration of more than one live vaccine'.   Previous general guidance that live vaccines should be given on the same day or at least 4 weeks apart' is no longer a general statement.  We saw change in this policy when the Green Book chapter on yellow fever was updated in April 2014.  This new document explains the rationale and provides a comprehensive table of the vaccine combinations and new recommendations.  To see the full document click HERE 

Below is the summary chart but please also read the full document.  

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