Sunday, 16 October 2016

TravelHealthPro eBook

NaTHNaC have launched an e book which contains the full range of factsheets from their website in a book format.  As the NaTHNaC site is for travel health professionals and travellers alike, this new tool is designed as a resource for those advising in travel medicine, to guide them and answer a number of the frequently asked questions and for travellers, NaTHNaC hope it will assist them in planning and preparing for their travel abroad.

For ease, the articles are arranged into four themes; infectious diseases, preparing for healthy travel, special risk travel/traveller and clinic resources.  When you enter the book, these four sections are featured on the front inside cover, so click on the relevant topic to find the list of resources and content for that individual section.

You can also subscribe to updates for the book so that when any content is updated you'll be aware that's it's happening.  To launch the book and also to subscribe to the updates click HERE or click on the image below.

I think this is a new neat helpful resource from NaTHNaC and that the more you look and access the features, the more you'll appreciate just how useful it is.