Monday, 31 December 2018

Using Facebook to keep up to date!

As 2018 comes to a close I thought I'd try to post one more blog on here!  My intention to blog more didn't happen this year - mostly because I seem to be so busy and it's hard to keep all the social media going.  That's not to say I won't still try going into 2019.  My website now has over 70 pages on it and keeping that updated as well is tricky especially as it's only a hobby but one I really enjoy.  If you do notice anything not working, then please let me know via the website, I'd really appreciate it.

The place I 'post' most updates though is on my travel Facebook page.  I know not everyone is keen to get involved in FB and it does mean you need to open up an account, but you don't need to be active on there.  You can use it just to look at what is going on.  It's such a useful platform.  Just today I put a post about two Green Book chapters that have been updated....... here is an image I also posted.

The text to go with it was as follows:
Its very quiet on the travel health front right now but I noticed Chapters 1 and 10 of the Green Book were updated in December. I think these are just formatting changes. Ch.10 on 'Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme' has gone to one page with a link to the information on a site. Ch.1 on 'Immunity and how vaccines work' seems to have had a format change only so the pages are updated to include 'December 2018' and the Chapter and page number identified at the bottom of each page. The font looks more modern as well and the green colour a slightly different shade! See
While on the subject of how vaccines work, don't forget the new and helpful video posted in May this year from the Oxford Vaccine Group at

I'm not sure just how many posts I've put on Facebook in 2018 but sometimes its 2 or 3 in a week and mostly information which will help you in your day to day practice.

So consider joining and find my page at then 'like' the page.  You can then follow my postings and will get e mail alerts when I put anything up.

Other useful ones to follow are NaTHNaC, the FCO, the WHO, the CDC etc., all easily found my doing a search.

Have fun!  And a Happy New Year to you all.